New Website Helps Contractors and Safety Workers Stay Connected

As construction in New York City continues to flourish, site safety is a growing concern. With this in mind, Regan Branch and Paul Charlton have launched, an online subscription service created to connect contractors and developers with construction site safety professionals throughout the city. The goal is to be “the Uber of construction,” says Charlton.

The website was created to “create flexibility for safety professionals who often feel torn between commitment to demanding construction work schedules and all other aspects of their personal life,” says Branch. “Sixty plus hour work weeks are not uncommon in this industry and the pressure to always be on site in order for other to work as mandated by the Department of Buildings (DOB) can cause a host of emotions and tension. Forget about medical appointments, family events or professional development because it is virtually impossible to find short term or emergency relief.”

The site provides developers, contractors and other construction companies access to on-demand site safety managers (SSM), coordinators (SSC) and other safety professionals. Due to strict qualification requirements, these workers are in high demand. Many work for third party safety companies and are overwhelmed with work, while those that work independently often can’t find work due to lack of professional connections. This service looks to change that.

“There is a shortage of licensed individual on the surface but there is a problem with efficiency and effective use of limited resources,” says Branch. “Safety and the role of the various professional is necessary without a doubt but the industry has grown rapidly and the use of technology to match demand and supply has not kept pace as with other industries and is geared to be that platform that will address the need.”

By Alisa Zevin [ENR]